Helpful Photography Accessories and Gadgets


Some useful gadgets and accessories for both cameras and smart phones.

Getting a combo of a selfie stick, tripod and mono pod all in one may be another option for you. Add the bluetooth remote and you can take some amazing smart phone images.



For iPhone users this is a great little gadget for your selfies


Adding a bluetooth remote control makes life easier

This is another really neat idea for smart phone users, check out this neat clip on lens to add zoom and macro to your smart phone lens.


Cleaning pen is a neat little gadget is a . These pens have spongy suede type end with a cap and a retractable brush on the other. Just a note, When using them, hold your camera upside down when using the pen and blow a bit of haze on the lens first then in a circular motion beginning from the outside in gently slide the suede end around until you hit the center. The brush can be used on the      outside of the camera to  brush off any dust that may have settled on the body.

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