What questions about your camera can I help you with?

So on my site so far I have gone over some different topics centered around cameras and photography.

Now I would like your input please.

I would like for you to comment below with the type of camera you are currently shooting the most with?

What camera you might be interested in purchasing next and why?

What features or settings you are struggling with?

What type of images shooting you are struggling with?

What type and style of image you would like to capture?

And just any photography related question you may have.

So I now turn this page over to you and I am looking forward to seeing what you all come-up with.


Have a Happy Day…

6 thoughts on “What questions about your camera can I help you with?

    1. Hi Vince, Yes I can do a piece on how slow shutter speeds can help you achieve some cool and interesting shots. Actually I played with some light painting to a few days ago and I will have a few new posts up in the next couple days so please check back.

  1. Thanks, Monika. I love photography but only do with my phone and Ipad. What would you recommend for me if I want to start on a more professional but personal for a start? More so for my websites. I have just fallen in love with it again.

    1. Hi Gifty,
      As they say the best camera is the camera you have in your hand at the time. It is actually quite amazing at what images that you can capture with both the iPhone and an iPad these days. I will be doing a post in the near future covering editing in iPhones to get more out of your images.
      But if you are wanting to mainly get images for use on your websites I would recommend that you look into purchasing a fixed lens style camera, they have many features that will help you to achieve better images for online use, and they are a more reasonable option to the use of an SLR, especially if your main use for images at the moment are for online.
      The camera I would recommend is the Nikon Coolpix B700 Digital Point & Shoot camera. Priced in the neighborhood of $500. It has a 4 times digital zoom and a 60 times optical zoom with a 20 mega pixel of resolution and many mode features to assist you in capturing great images.
      If I can help you further please feel free to drop me a comment below and I will be happy to help.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Gopro cameras are very small and durable and can be viewed with you smart phones via an app. If you are wanting a drone, gopro camera’s are the best in my opinion for that use. You can purchase numerous optional items including various mounts for helmets, suction cup mounts for on cars, handle grip mounts for bikes and motorbike handles, and there is even an underwater housing so that you can take videos and photographs underwater. You can also mount the gopro’s on a selfie stick and do a walking commentary. They have many uses and produce pretty good quality images in both still and video formats.
      I hope this helps to answer your query. If you have any other questions please add them to the comments and I will help you out with them.

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