Have you wanted to sell your photography?

Photo sites that help you sell

We get a lot of images when we go out to photograph. We have friends giving us complements and then someone says that “how about selling your images”

So now where do we start.

Well I have been very happy with a company called SmugMug. I set up a basic photo gallery, uploaded my images, added keywords to help with searches and thats it.

There are a variety of page designs to choose from and it gives your images a wonderful place for people to see them and if they really would like to get a copy of their vary own there is a simple order system for them to go through.

Your prospective purchasers of your photos just click through to order anything from basic prints, to canvas and they can also order mugs and a variety of other products.

So take a look at Smugmug, you can try it out for a free trial period and decide if it is for you.

Get your self out there, create some amazing images, and post them for sale and earn some extra monies to fund your hobbie.