Beginner photography gear – what to start with

To start out you need some basic beginner photography gear

Starting with the camera, one that fits your budget and has the features you can understand and features you can grow into. You do not necessarily need to purchase a new camera.  There are many good site and shops that you can purchase a well taken care of used or refurbished camera.  This is what I did when I started out.

A sturdy tripod, one that is not to heavy, yet stable enough to hold your camera steady in varied terrains. One that is easy and fairly quick to set the legs out. The  one on the left is a compact easy traveler yet sturdy and the one on the right is a heavier and larger style tripod. Continue reading “Beginner photography gear – what to start with”

How to learn about digital photography

How to learn about digital photography

There are many ways to learn about digital photography and how to teach yourself digital photography. The main way that I find best is by doing. Read about a few things then go out and experiment. Don’t try to learn everything all at once.

The nice thing these days with the digital age is that you can get instant gratification and you can instantly see what you like or what you want to change about the photographic image that you just captured. Continue reading “How to learn about digital photography”