Being creative using a slow shutter speed

By slowing down your shutter speed and adding movement, you can create some amazing and       abstract images

A slow shutter speed can create the illusion of movement.

When you experiment with some of the different shutter speeds from fast to slow you open the door to an unlimited variations on creative expression in your images.

By changing shutter speeds when shooting the same view can give you an array of variety that you may not have imagined before in an scene.

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What questions about your camera can I help you with?

So on my site so far I have gone over some different topics centered around cameras and photography.

Now I would like your input please.

I would like for you to comment below with the type of camera you are currently shooting the most with?

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Camera Buttons and Dials

Different settings and buttons, what do they do?

So with the variety of different digital camera models and brands on the market the basics are the same just where the buttons are, and the menus are, differs. We are going to take a look at a Nikon d5300 just to give you a better idea of what does what.

Below we will work on helping you to better understand your camera

So let’s start on the top of the camera there you will see the buttons generally used most often and ones that you wish to have at easier access.

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My photos are not sharp, Why?

This is a question I was asked a while ago.  I spoke with a lady that just recently received a new SLR camera (Single lens reflex) one that you can change your lenses and has many options.

Well she went on a holiday, took many photos and once she was home and looked at them on the computer screen she was a bit disappointed as what she thought she captured clearly was actually out of focus. Her subject, which generally was a family member, was in a hazy focus in most of her images. This can be a bit disheartening when your excited to be using a BIG camera for holiday photos.

So let’s look at this a bit more and why this can happen.

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iPhone Photography

How to get more out of your phone camera

Well these days every smart-phone has a built in camera.  We can take some amazing photos with just our phones.  Well if the conditions are right, such as lighting.

For example on the iPhone there are some pretty good basic functions that can help you achieve the scene you see in real time, in your phone camera.

iphone camera hoz

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Helpful Photography Accessories and Gadgets


Some useful gadgets and accessories for both cameras and smart phones.

Getting a combo of a selfie stick, tripod and mono pod all in one may be another option for you. Add the bluetooth remote and you can take some amazing smart phone images.



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Beginner photography gear – what to start with

To start out you need some basic beginner photography gear

Starting with the camera, one that fits your budget and has the features you can understand and features you can grow into. You do not necessarily need to purchase a new camera.  There are many good site and shops that you can purchase a well taken care of used or refurbished camera.  This is what I did when I started out.

A sturdy tripod, one that is not to heavy, yet stable enough to hold your camera steady in varied terrains. One that is easy and fairly quick to set the legs out. The  one on the left is a compact easy traveler yet sturdy and the one on the right is a heavier and larger style tripod. Continue reading Beginner photography gear – what to start with

How to learn about digital photography

How to learn about digital photography

There are many ways to learn about digital photography and how to teach yourself digital photography. The main way that I find best is by doing. Read about a few things then go out and experiment. Don’g try to learn everything at once.

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